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      【Mn-Briquette drying line】Which Mn-Briquette (manganese pillow) drying line is better in Guangdong

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      Which Mn-Briquette (manganese pillow) drying line is better in Guangdong? Dongguan Changan Branch of Shenzhen NAIMEITE Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., an equipment  expert devoted in total solutions to automatic drying system for 20 years. Tel.: 13924618582 Mr. Fu

      Mn-Briquette, a series of so-called products in the varieties of manganese, can be interpreted as it similar to peach or pillow in shape, and literally: it has regular shape and dimension of 55x35x24mm, 40x50x60mm, 25x35x45mm.

      Weight: Approximate 180 g/piece, density: 5.5-6 g/cm3.

      Mn-Briquette rolled and forged manganese pillow (Mn-Briquette), Manganese Briquette in English, is a new manganese product made by press working on the primary material of manganese powder and some materials to change the performance upon mold forging and rolling.

      Features of Mn-Briquette (manganese pillow):

      1. Applicable to Mn allocation in special steel, stainless steel alloy industry.

      2. High recovery, easy to conserve, convenient to transport, accurate measurement.
      3. Low dissolving temperature, rapid dissolution, steady liquid steel, smoke-free, pollution-free, without molten slag.

      Usage of Mn-Briquette (manganese pillow): 

      1. Adjusted liquid steel temperature not lower than 730℃.

      2. Dosage required is calculated on the basis of component standard on the alloy to be prepared.

      Calculation method of inventory: Addition of this product = fusant weight x (target Mn content in the alloy (%)— original Mn content in the alloy (%)) Mn content in the additive (98%) x recovery rate (97%).

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