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      【Battery formation cabinet】Zhuhai Yinlong Hebei Handan new energy project: battery formation cabinet, battery burn-in line, battery burn-in room field installation and commissioning picture

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      Battery formation cabinetZhuhai Yinlong Hebei Handan new energy project: battery formation cabinet, battery burn-in line, battery burn-in room field installation and commissioning picture




      Were pursuing your satisfaction and continuing the devotion to providing new and regular customers: equipment of good quality, favorable price and quality service.

      NAIMEITE is specialized in producing battery formation cabinet,  battery burn-in line, battery  burn-in room, power battery burn-in cabinet, new energy battery burn-in room and other equipment in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and other places. Hotline: 400-735-5078. Extensively used in power cars, new energy cars, lithium battery industry, power battery and other industries. Regular and new customers are welcomed for study, communication and guidance.

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