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      NMT-TZ-08 carbon fiber composite oven (COMAC)
      Product number:
      Scope of application:
      carbon fiber composite oven
      Head Office Shenzhen Mr Fu 139 2461 8582 dgnmt@sznmt.com
      Dongguan branch Mr Fu 139 2461 8582 dgnmt@sznmt.com
      Mr Luo 138 2723 8504
      Shanghai branch Mr Fu 136 5168 6829 shnmt@sznmt.com
      Mr Fu 139 1632 4191
      Hunan branch Mr Fu 138 7504 3999 hnmt@sznmt.com
      Mr Huang 138 0961 9295
      Beijing Branch Mr Fu 138 1006 2418 bjnmt@sznmt.com
      Kunshan branch Mr Fu 136 5168 6829 ksnmt@sznmt.com
      Ningbo branch Mr Li 138 5830 3164 nbnmt@sznmt.com
      According to customer requirements design, non-standard custom different specifications

      Standard SpecificationOptional itemsProduct video

      【Parameters and type of large drying room】

      1. Dimensions of the working chamber: Designed according to the dimension required by users;

      2. Temperature parameters: Designed according to temperature range required by users,  temperature uniformity and other technical indicators; 

      3. Structure types: Integral, combined or built-up; 

      4. Mode of heating: By electric heating tube, heat transfer fluid, gas, steam or in a mixed way;

      5. Heated air circulation mode: Choose heated air circulation mode in special air duct according to different places of the product to be dried, for instance, lower blower single circulation, top blower double circulation, blower back and forth circulation, etc.; 

      6. Door open pattern of the drying room: Front, double, top or overhead;

      7. Workpiece delivery method: By trolley, roller, chain, conveyor belt or push lever;

      8. Trolley driving mode: Man-powered, self-powered, gear-rack drive, trailer wagon towed, winch drive or roller drive;

      9. Mode of temperature control: By bit digital display instrument, time proportional temperature controller or intelligent (programmable) temperature controller;  

      10.Power regulating mode: By contactor contact, silicon controlled contactless continuous or solid-state relay contactless switch;

      11. Control method: Body controlled nearby, joined bodies controlled by segment, or controlled by independent control cabinet, centralized control room or computer based centralized control;

      12. Observing device: Workpiece heating can be observed through headlamp in the operation chamber, sightglass on the door at any moment;

      13. Various interfaces: For measuring workpiece parameters: Network communication interface,USB interface, 485/232 interface, interfaces for extracting air from workpiece, vacuumizing or casting workpiece, etc.

      14. Special performance requirements: Explosion proofing, cleaning, and vacuum.

      Product introduction

      Unique performance

      Customer optional configuration

      Liner is fully welded by stainless steel argon arc welding to prevent producing dust; clean and dust-free inside;
      Double over-heating protection, safe and more reliable;
      Internal air hot circulation, dried object is evenly heated;
      Fast temperature rise, stable and precise temperature;
      Domestic first class heat insulation and preservation technology, excellent sealing effect;
      Low temperature of machine shell, small influence on indoor ambient temperature;
      Various heating and air circulation modes are set according to the product; energy efficient, power saving, safe and environmental.
      Can be filled with nitrogen for protection and realizing non-oxidation drying environment.
      Control system, charging tray, cart can be configured according to the customer requirement.
      Color selection legend
      Customer can designate color according to the color chart.
      ※Match different charging trays/trolleys according to the dried product, the material includes baking varnish, electroplate color zinc, stainless steel, etc., dimension, specification can realize non-standard customization, welcome to telephone to consult.
      Temperature control optional equipment

      Temperature controller (single step/8 step -256 step programmable)

      Taiwan Yudian temperature control meter

      Omron intelligent temperature control meter

      Japanese imported 256 step programmable Omron temperature controller

      OMRON temperature controller

      Temperature recorder

      Imported multi-channel color screen paperless recorder

      Imported multi-channel paper recorder

      Imported PARTLOW circle diagram temperature recorder

      Imported YOKOGAWA 48 channel temperature recorder

      Record group

      Portable temperature recorder group 6 points

      IR computer temperature recorder group 6~12 points

      Timer 30 points, 999 points (standard configuration), 24H, 99H, MM/DD/YY programmable timer.

      Electric power output, electric power auto adjuster according to SSR, SCR, SSPR, etc.


      Touch screen +PLC

      Touch screen +PLC




      IPC Ethernet remote monitoring

      Timer 30 points, 999 points (standard configuration), 24H, 99H, MM/DD/YY programmable timer.

      Electric power output, electric power auto adjuster according to SSR, SCR, SSPR, etc.

      Air circulation legend

      Single side air supply type

      Double side air supply type

      Double side air supply anti-explosion

      Thermal radiation ascending type

      All-round radiation type

      Thermal radiation irradiation type

      Hot air radiation type

      Hot air radiation type

      Charging tray, cart optional item

      Form of charging tray

      Punching tray

      Screen tray

      Grid tray

      Movable cart

      Multi-layer frame cart

      Cart +tray

      Mother-son cart

      24h sales hotline:
      • SHENZHEN
         0086-755-29645010 13924618582(MrFu)
      • DONGGUAN
         0086-0769-82830018 13827238504(MrLuo)
      • SHANGHAI
         0086-21-59506099 13916324191(MrFu)
      • BEIJING
         0086-10-60243359 13810062418(MrFu)
      • KUNSHAN
         0086-0512-36857569 13651686829(MrFu)
      • NINGBO
         0086-0574-87197431 13858303164(MrLi)
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